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Helite Air Shell Blouson

  • Louise Whitaker in the Blue/ Red Blouson.
  • International Showjumper Louise Whitaker
  • The Air Shell Range , Blouson Jacket
  • Blouson Jacket - blue with red detail
  • Black with Grey detail.
  • Helite Air Shell Blouson product image #6
  • Joe Whitaker competing at a British Showjumping event in the black/ grey Blouson.
  • Bristish Showjumping Business Partner

from £395.00

The Air Shell Range by Helite combines proven safety technology with the flattering style and design of a Tekseries soft shell outer. The technical fabric 'Tekseries' is windproof and showerproof and the stretch fabric allows for outward expansion.  British Showjumping permitted for competition, the Blouson can also be worn in the showjumping phase of British Eventing as well as for everyday riding.

It uses the same Airbag and multi-directional trigger system as over 60,000 Air Jackets already in use across the world.  Helite are the Worldwide leading Air Bag Technology experts and pride themselves on the research and development that goes into all of their products. 12 Nations were equipped with this system at the London 2012 Olympics.



What sets the Air Shell range apart from other Air Jackets on the market is that the outer'shells' are interchangeable.  You can swap the long sleeved Blouson outer for the sleeveless Gilet  depending on the weather, whether you're hacking or competing or just to suit your mood!  This also it makes it easy to wash them at 30 degrees in the washing machine!

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For more details, please see the feature list below...

  • The Blouson in Black/ Blue

    Black/Blue from £395.00

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  • Black/ Grey Blouson

    Black/Grey from £395.00

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  • The Blouson in Blue/ Red

    Blue/Red from £395.00

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    • The Blouson Air Bag system unzips from it’s Tekseries soft shell outer giving you the option to update your Air Jacket as new designs are launched. The qualities of this fabric mean the Jacket allows for Outward inflation. The Blouson and Gilet style outer jackets are compatible to the same size air bag system.
    • The Tekseries Soft Shell outer can be washed at 30C when the air bag is removed.
    • All Helite Air Jackets have a multi-directional triggering system to ensure safe release of the rider.
    • Protection is given to the full length of the back and chest as well as protection for the sides and back of the neck. This greatly reduces the risk of whiplash injuries and helps to prevent impact injuries.
    • When not inflated the Air Jacket allows for full body movement. When inflated the jacket supports the spinal column to prevent over flexion of the spine.
    • All Air Jackets will arrive ready to use, each one is supplied with a gas canister installed and a lanyard to connect the rider to the saddle (an extra canister is supplied free of charge).
    • N.B. If you have not experienced the Air Jacket inflate, we advise to do a trial inflation before wearing it on a horse, this is why we supply an extra canister.
    • The lanyard is a fixed length with a clip to attach to the ring on the saddle straps. The saddle strap attaches to the stirrup bars on the saddle and is included with the Air Jacket. (Remove the stirrups leathers put the saddle strap onto the bars each side and then put the stirrup leathers back on to hold in place).
    • When used with a BETA approved Level 3 body protector the Air Jacket improves protection to the spine by up to 69%. It also provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a BETA level 3 body protector alone. The Air Jacket worn with or without a Body Protector, reduced the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage, by as much as 20%.
    • The Helite Trigger system uses a screw in canister - this is a proven and safe system. The canister must be screwed in tightly, under no circumstances should screw thread be visible. The bottom plug must also be fully engaged and an allen key is supplied to do up securely.
    • The wearer of the Adult Air Jacket must weigh at least 6 stone in weight to ensure the trigger system is activated in the event of a fall.
    • NB: We recommend to wear a Level 3 Body Protector with your jacket but this is at the riders discretion. If you intend to use a Body Protector in conjunction with the Blouson Air Jacket you will need to buy a larger size.
    • British Showjumping permitted for competition.
    • Helite Canister Change

    • Louise Whitaker Interview

    • Interchangeable air jackets shell

  • "Looks and feels great when competing and gives me confidence when schooling at home."

    Louise Whitaker